Monday, July 15, 2013

Art Enthusiasm pt 2 So my Princess is back from her 3 week summer art intensive.  I missed her so much.  Last year she was away for 2 weeks, this year 3 weeks, next year maybe 6 weeks.  Perhaps by the time she goes off to college I will be a pro.  Honestly, the 3 weeks was hard on me.  She learned a great deal during her experience and we listened to every word of her experience for 2 hours straight during the drive back home.

I am so very proud of her.  The work she produced while she was there was quite different from her art studies thus far with her current art teacher but it really showed just how creative she is.  The collaboration with her peers gave her an opportunity to shine and I could tell from the feedback she received she has gained in confidence.  Did I already say how proud I am of her?

The following excerpt came directly from the syllabus of the program and nicely sums up the goal of the program:

For many high school students, making and thinking about art is limited by the time constraints of a very loaded school and social schedule. At the busy pace of your lives, it can be very tough to try on the shoes of a college or career artist. When you make the choice to study or pursue art beyond high school, time frames are extended (3 hour or even 6 hour studios are common at the college level) and so is the level of depth at which you are expected to pursue your work. How can you know whether that pacing and level of expectation suits you unless you try it? Allowing you to try on the shoes of a studio artist for fit is an important goal of this summer.

Her schedule was jammed packed - she visited a artist colony, saw a Shakespeare play, and stayed up for long hours working on her projects.  She seemed inspired and enthusiastic.  I would say she is just as determined as ever to pursue her interest in the visual arts.   Here is my favorite piece of work she completed in the 3 weeks.  To me, it looks like an ad for juicy fruit candies.

If you didn't read pt 1 of Art Enthusiasm check it our here.

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