Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 3

This entry is actually for yesterday (Wednesday). Stayed up late finishing our literature pick "Second Cousins." I was in a rush to finish before JW. We spent a good 20-25 minutes at breakfast discussing the author's use of words to convey meaning in the text. Discussed clues in the text that pointed to the time in which the book was set. I forgot how it feels to read for analysis instead of fun. I was eager to see if Jasmine picked up on the foreshadowing technique the author used that lead up to the climax of the book. She noticed the clues but didn't label the technique. She'll be doing a story map today of the book for more discussion. I like the freestyle approach we are using for Language Arts but I really need to find a curriculum for guidance. I'm constantly referring to the County curriculum for guidance but I still need something a little more concrete.

Science curriculum arrived today (Wednesday). Started with animal classification system. Combining BJP curriculum with Alpha Omega, making sure I hit the subjects listed in the county's curriculum. Doing plant and animal behavior tomorrow leading to the study of DNA and genetics. OOOh. . . fun, I rather do history.

We spent 2 hours on Math today. Did an overview of Associative, Commutative, Distributive, and Multiplicative Properties (I'm going on memory not sure if I got them all or spelled them right :) Completed a worksheet sent by former Math teacher (he keeps us on his email list with worksheet attachments)on solving for x in Percentage math equations. She got them all right! I'm still waiting on Saxon math curriculum.

I think that's everything. Today is really Thursday so yesterday's events are not as fresh in my mind. I got everything written in my planner - the good record keeper I am ..(laughing).

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