Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week 2, Day 2

2nd daughter stayed home today with a stomach ache. She was real curious about how homeschool works and hung in the background to observe (as if she had to see if I really knew what I was doing. But today started a little differently than most . . .

Because the kids attend Sunday School and Wednesday night missionettes I don't include a bible curriculum in our studies. However, as a part of a "Read Through the Bible in a Year" sunday school class hubby & I are apart of, we've been doing our daily reading together as a family. This morning started with an impromptu character lesson which I was able to draw upon our daily readings for support. This was totally unplanned as I was helping JW navigate an issue she was having that was causing her a lot of emotional distress. I was holding back my impatience with how much time this talk was taking as I had a lot of academic work to cover. However, I started to realize there was another purpose at work. So many start homeschooling because they want to instill Christian principles and character within their children. This was not the overall reason for my decision to homeschool as I felt these lessons were already being taught even though my children were in traditional schools. However, the 30 minute character lesson was just a teachable moment that made me grateful that I have this opportunity to homeschool. You know there is a place for tradition and doing things the way we've always done it but I am coming to realize that it's so much more important to be doing the will of God for your life.

Why is my youngest at this very moment complaining she doesn't like her school, asking me to homeschool her? She says it's the same routine everyday and the teacher (a temporary sub, as her regular teacher is on maternity leave) teaches the same thing for a long time. She says "I got it already, can we move on."

OMG . . what is going on here?

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