Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week 2, Day 4

This was a long day. The Language Arts book finally came today. To this point we've been reading good literature and having great discussions but hadn't incorporated vocabulary or grammar. Lesson One begins tomorrow in this book.
Love Saxon Math . . easy breezy. History is still a struggle because I'm piecing it together - homemade timeline, DVDs, Internet sites, and biographies of key people. It takes so much time to assemble what I'm going to do that by the time I do it I'm exhausted. I probably need to invest in a turnkey solution. I was thinking about Switched On Schoolhouse for History.

I went to an informational session for Classical Conversations curriculum this evening. It's an interested concept rooted in the Classical Education philosophy.
It's somewhat expensive but it would be a consistent 30 week program that meets several objectives to include positive socialization. The more I look into options and resources the more expensive things seem to get. I'm trying to keep it simple but there is so much to cover.

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